The Power of Ward & Ames

Ward & Ames’ approach to event design is analogous to an architect’s plan for a structure. The architect’s blueprints for a building are correlative to our renderings and three-dimensional CAD designs for an event. Scale drawings for visualization and exacting detail of the stage design, room layout, and scenic elements are critical for The Ward & Ames team in overseeing the development of the most complex events.

Utilizing our extensive, worldwide network of industry professionals, Ward & Ames selects the most talented and qualified personnel to bring a concept to life. Everything from décor design and vendor selection to the stage set construction warrants precise detailing and finish. Unique projects conceived by the company’s creative director, Nancy Ames, are carried out, polished and directed by the Ward & Ames innovative team. Nancy and Danny’s privileged connections to the world of celebrity, entertainment, and iconic leaders are invaluable assets when designing that “once in a lifetime” special event.

Simultaneously drafted program and production timelines are succinctly written to ensure that execution of all tasks take place seamlessly and in an up-datable format. The Ward & Ames staff is imbued with seasoned hands to monitor every team member’s progress and to troubleshoot if and when necessary. Our goal is to ensure that the finished product is always awe-inspiring for attendees, so they and the client only see the magic of the event unfolding effortlessly around them. From concept to curtain call, it must be all it can be (and then some!) with Ward & Ames at the helm.