BHP Billiton

For BHP Billiton’s 2014 Year-End Meeting and Luncheon, Ward & Ames transformed a section of Houston’s NRG Center into a carpeted meeting space for 2,000 guests. A large video screen served as a stage backdrop which displayed presenters’ content blanketed by drape and supporting video screens and drape enhancing the ambience. For a relevant guest interactive segment we facilitated a game show designed to test the knowledge of the company’s executives. A combination of custom animated screen graphics and constructed set pieces created a realistic game show environment complete with a charismatic host.

Ward & Ames pro direct and managed the 2013 BHP Billiton Annual Meeting at the Hilton Americas Hotel, Houston. The event, consisting of various video and graphic presentations by some of BHP Billiton’s top executives, at an interactive lunch, was orchestrated in a 40,000 square foot ballroom and attended by 2,000 employees. Event services included large scale video and graphics design, show direction, custom scenic and stage design, as well as complete transportation logistics for all attendees.